Welcome to Alpaca Trekking at Wyld Court Alpacas

The Walking Boys



The boss man! Vikking is the oldest of the walking boys and is the boss. Hes definitely his own alpaca and wont be hurried for all the apples in the world. He likes to be at the back so he can keep and eye on the others



Our tallest boy, he really thinks hes something special, which of course he is! A very calm boy, he likes to walk beside his best friend Vikking

Mr E Nigmer


One of our 4 Suri Alpacas, he and Joker are our newest members and have settle very well. Hes a bit of a drama queen but very cuddly



The little Jokers of the pack. Scally was bourn in 2016 and is a very tame friendly boy, who along with his brother Enzo, does a lot of carehome visits for us. Hes quite small and calm to walk



Enzo is a very laid back little man who isn't fazed by anything. Hes brother to Scally and Daf and is a small easy boy who a big fan of the selfie



Daf was born in 2015 and is the team roller! and chance he gets he will have a good roll or dive into the undergrowth! 

The Joker


Our beautiful grey Suri alpaca who joined us in the summer. He has taken on the role of lead walker and is a real head turner



Quincey was born in 2017 so wont be joining our walking team until the spring, but hes a real character and i know is going to be a firm favorite



Little Victory was also born in 2017 and came to us in the summer with Joker, Enigma and Quincey when their own found alpacs weren't for them. He will join the walking group in the spring and is a very quite cute little man